RWA Denver by Mandy Rosko

My first RWA was great. I’m going to try getting into a little more detail than that, obviously, lol, but I am glad I went.I met some authors in real life that I’ve never met before but have worked with online, got to hang out and follow them around as they went to some great workshops, found out about a new audio service that I’ll soon be using, and a whole slew of other fun things.


I was a little sad that I couldn’t go to RT this year, but I can only pick one big trip like that. The cash just isn’t there for more than one flight to the USA. Then it turned out that this year was the last RT there would ever be, and yeah, it was a downer. I brought my Kathryn Falk book with me to RWA in case she happened to be there, but to no luck.


I’ll be seeing if there’s any assistant of hers that I can contact and a PO Box to send the book to with a self addressed stamped envelope so I can get her to sign it. Of all the RTs I’ve ever been so, it never occurred to me to bring her book to sign until it was too late.


But RWA was still fun, everything was writer focused with the exception of, I suppose, the book signings. You could count those as reader focused, and you’ll be happy to know that I was very good. I went to a couple of signings, but not all of them, and I did my best to limit my number of books so I could still fit them into my small suitcase and use one of the totes we were given as a carry on.


I’m more used to stuffing a whole second suitcase full of books, so I count this as a win 🙂


The only thing that sucked was that, somehow, I managed to miss the agent and editor speed dating. I have no idea how that happened, it was supposed to be on my calendar, but when I got downstairs and saw the different curtains set up, it didn’t even occur to me that I’d missed it.


When I asked what was going on, there was about 10-15 minutes left. I probably should have sat down anyway and hoped for the best to get in, but there were people in line and I wasn’t convinced it would happen. But there were some papers on the desk, so I grabbed one for the Industry Marketplace.


I thought the Industry Marketplace was another sort of pitching session, so I wasn’t too concerned about missing the first one.




It was more like a meet and greet. Meets the Carina and Harlquin editors, St Martin’s Press, Dreamspinner, a couple of agents were there answering questions.


BUT! Luckily for me, some of those agents were still taking pitches. One wasn’t, and I could tell by the way people were crowded around her table and how she was answering questions, but she directed me to her site and told me to remind her we’d met at RWA, so I’ll definitely be doing that. Another agent also wasn’t, so I didn’t go to her table since she was busy. I pitched to another who said no, and then another who asked for the first 50 pages, and another who asked for the first 100 pages.


Then I pitched to a french translations publisher who asked for my first three chapters.


Yay! 😀


So it wasn’t a total wash, and I got to talk to the Radish people, who were super nice. The lady at the table gave me some cards to give to readers that would have free coins on them, so I might pass those out at my event at Romancing the Capitol. Or do a small giveaway on my Facebook feed. Not sure, but I’ll think of something I’m sure 🙂


Oh yeah, I also got to meet Mark Dawson, and I got one of his Self Publishing Formula pins. He answered a question I had about budgeting ads, and I was pretty pleased with myself that day 😀


Screenshot 2018-07-24 14.20.18


I hope everyone else’s trip was productive and fun. I said this would be my last trip for a while, but I want to go back next year. I’ll have to get that winter job again to pay off the American credit card before it can be done though.


Wish me luck!



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