Putting the “FAIR” Back in Fairytales…By Ripley Proserpina

Two more days!!

While Beauty Sleeps releases on Tuesday and I CAN’T WAIT for it to be read. Sometimes writers will say, “I had so much fun writing this book,” and that was one-hundred percent true for this story. There was something so freeing about having the story, but twisting it in my own way. Of course, I added the reverse harem, but I also started to think about beauty. Personally, books where a guy falls in love with a girl because she’s beautiful just aren’t my preference. But there are different kinds of beauty, and I really wanted to explore what was beautiful about a person, and how it could attract someone instantaneously. 

Here’s a small excerpt from the story, and then some fun little quizzes (because you know me, quiz-a-holic) to celebrate the story! 

Which combination of Two Disney Princess are you? 

Which Disney Princess is Your Dog? 

If I had one complaint about my sister, Aoi, it was this—she never gave me enough time. I didn’t want to start the whole meet and greet thing over again. I wanted to be left alone. 

Stepping away, I fixed my gaze on the piano. I reached out, touching the keys and pressed down softly. “They did.” 

“They’re really cute.” 

I shrugged. I didn’t really care about cute. Objectively, I recognized which princes had been handsome, but it was secondary to what really mattered—would they like me? 

As long as my sisters reeled them here with the promise of riches, then I’d never really trust them. And as long as they ran like gazelles when they saw my face, I’d know however much they grew to like me, it didn’t cancel out my ugliness.

All the money in the world didn’t matter. It certainly hadn’t been enough for Eziō or Hideto. 

“How much are you offering?” I asked and Aoi winced. Striding back to the bench, I tried to ignore the bubbling anger welling in my chest. “How much, Aoi?” 

“You’re getting closer to twenty-one.” As if I didn’t know that. As if my birthday wasn’t circled in red with huge arrows pointing at the date that grew closer and closer. 

“How. Much?” 

“Fuyumi, Miori, and I all added our trusts to the dowry.” I’d read about people’s knees going weak, but I’d never experienced it before. Now I did. They wouldn’t hold me up, and if it hadn’t been for the piano bench, I would have fallen. 

“You didn’t.” 

“We don’t need it.” Aoi shrugged again, like it was no big deal. But this money was supposed to pay for whatever it was they wanted to do with their lives—school, vocation, travel. It was enough to get them started or to sock away for their children. 

And grandchildren, depending on how financially savvy they were. 

Either way, it was way too much money to give away. 

“It doesn’t work that way, you know,” I said. I tried to keep the self-pity out of my voice, but it trembled before I could clear my throat. “It’s supposed to be true love’s kiss. Not, ‘makes sound financial decision’s kiss.’ Not, ‘takes one for the team’s kiss.’” 

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