RTC Goodies Coming In by Mandy Rosko

RTC is just around the corner, so is RWA now that I think about it :S

I’m still getting items coming in. The other day three T-shirts came in for preorders, and they are lovely 😀

Tonight I will be doing more book preorders, as well as gettingt he next 5K words ready for my next Patreon book.

I’m still waiting on the cover to come in from Yocla designs. I keep twitching on the edge of my chair waiting for it. The final book in the series and I’m super stoked to see what it looks like 😀

I’m still nervous for both conventions. I feel so underprepared. Buttons need pressing, I need to get my business cards in order, and there are still a couple more books that need to be shipped out to patrons before I can make the trip.

I’ll be streaming live on Twitch today doing my writing stream, and then later some Stardew Valley. I have to redo all of my progress since my save file went and died on me ;_; still have no idea why or what happened. I was super bummed out, but luckily the game is fun enough where I was able to get over it fairly quickly and get lost in the fun of it 🙂


Though I’m seriously hoping that does not happen again. Losing over 30 hours of work majorly sucks. Makes me nervous to do anything in RPG maker for my visual novel.


Which will be another project I will discuss with you down the road 😀


I’ll keep you posted on that one, just as soon as I find out how to back up my save files,


Hugs and happy reading,




You can hang out with me on Twitch right here: Twitch.tv/mandyrosko



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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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