Forget Me Not

My life is made up of lists. Lists of passwords, list of places to go and things to see, grocery lists, work lists for what I hope to accomplish in a day, lists for the kids and to do lists for me. I’m sure I could keep going but you all get the point. And so why do we need so many lists? Well, I like many would love to claim a long memory with little room for error but the truth is very far from this.

We need lists or calendars or reminders because quite frankly, we have too much going on. And seeing as how technology continues to advance and we continue to push our own limits, I don’t see this slowing any time soon. Well, so what? We aren’t computers and we are flawed but it is in these flaws and where we lack that I believe our brilliance is born.

With our minds, we fill in the gaps that our realities lack.  Think electricity or even cars, smart phones or even traveling back in time to some of the first irrigation systems. Those are all big changes, but we can still pull examples from the world of writing. We write to create worlds and fill voids or in the world of nonfiction, we may write to educate or tell a truth.

Our need for lists and the fact that our mind must overcome may seem like a burden at times and in some cases it simply is that, but many times it can be cause to celebrate the flaws that make us better.

Happy writing this week!

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