Messing Up My Proof Copies by Mandy Rosko

A great day happened recently. An amazing day, one of the days that is difficult for me to put into words for how great they are. They happen a couple of times per year, and sometimes I might think the special-ness of it is dwindling, but when I get those sweet, sweet copies in hand, there is everything special about it.


So this post is about doing a proper job of checking your proof copies when they come in before approving them. Don’t be an idiot like me. I checked over my proofs, flipped through the book to make sure no pages were missing and everything was lined up, approved it, then ordered 45 more copies for my Patrons, just to notice a huge flaw at the end of chapter 20


To Be Continued in Part 3 😦 There is a To Be Continued in the middle of my book, and I didn’t take the damned thing out 😦


Screenshot 2018-06-12 16.44.15


It makes sense. I published these as a serial for my Patrons, and they were handed out in three parts, so when I put the three parts together, I thought I had deleted all the beginning parts and ending parts, and apparently I missed one -_-


I’m not happy with this.


So, learn from my mistakes. Do a better job of checking your digital and physical proofs copies than me, and you’ll avoid a lot of heart ache and trouble ;_;


Mandy Rosko


About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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