Love You

I chopped my hair off this week! Okay, so it isn’t that dramatic. I did cut off about 6-8 inches and instead of having hair a few inches below my shoulders, I now have a bob cut a few inches above my shoulders.

What amazes me with changes like a haircut or even new clothes, is how much these changes can impact how we feel about ourselves and how others react to us. I saw a move recently… I Feel Pretty with Amy Schumer. Now admittedly, I had really low expectations for this movie simply due to the reviews. I still went to see it because my friends really wanted to see it and I honestly just love the movie theater experience. As such, I was pleasantly surprised that I found the movie entertaining. No it won’t win any awards due to content or acting but it was light-hearted, funny and really did address a true issue for many women (and men) out there.

We obsess so much about what or whom we believe we should look like that when we don’t live up to these expectations, we feel rotten and I really do believe that for many of us, the feelings we have are more detrimental than how we actually look. How often are we tugging on our shirts (due to less than loveable love handles), pulling at our hair, crossing our arms over our midsection or groaning when we look in the mirror? Sure we all have flaws but is it worth having them hold us back from being happy? I’d say not but then I’ve been there and done the whole self-loathing thing and I know it hasn’t gotten me anywhere good. So lesson of the week? As corny as it sounds, love you—all of you and celebrate something about yourself you usually aren’t wild about. Just try it!

Happy writing this week!

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