More Swag Goodies by Mandy Rosko

In my never ending quest to be irresponsible with my money, I picked up a new kind of Tape/Ribbon/Label maker.

But it was on sale, so it almost doesn’t count for spending money 😀

Screenshot 2018-04-17 00.54.58

Ignore my dog’s shnoz there. He’s just curious.

Anyway, this thing is pretty sweet, and I’ve barely used it so far. The only thing I have to do now that I’ve found out how many meters are in that refillable cartridge inside is figure out if I’m actually saving money by using this instead of ordering a huge roll of premade ribbon from a service.

So far it doesn’t look like it. In fact, I might actually be paying more.

Now, the upside is that if I don’t want 300 meters of a single kind of ribbon with one design and one message on it, then this is for me. I can make as few ribbons as I want before switching things up, adding new little designs, new links I might’ve forgotten about, etc. This is definitely useful for that, especially for making bookmarks.

And since this thing does tape as well, I can make all kinds of fun things for my patrons.

I’ll post pictures to my Instagram when I get around to making these things. I already have some ideas on what exactly I’ll be making these bookmarks out of. I’m thinking those Shrinky Dinks I bought will be useful, and some strong glue will come in handy for gluing the ribbons to the backs of the charms I’m going to make.

I don’t know what else I can add to the other end of the ribbon, if anything is needed at all

I’ve seen this little machine on Amazon for almost $200, which is insanely ridiculous. I was struggling with the idea of spending $80 on this thing at Michaels, but luckily they had a secret sale on it for $60 when I bought it 🙂 I didn’t know it was that price when I brought it to the cash register, but that’s what it came up as, so I was pretty happy with that 😀

So, yeah, the next thing I want to do is print off some of my book covers and turn them into charms with Shrink Plastic, or use my own designs before attaching the ribbon 🙂


Do you do anything crafty things for readers? Or do you like getting crafty things from other writers when you do meet and greets?


Let me know in the comments below 🙂


Mandy Rosko


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