How to Use Change

I’ve always been a proponent of change, especially in the workplace. We live in an ever-evolving world and if we don’t change to keep up, we’ll simply get left behind. That’s the way of the world and it isn’t going to slow down simply because people can’t cope. That being said, I do believe that it is necessary for each of us to learn to cope to some degree—if for no other reason than let it be for sanity’s sake—just my opinion and I’m not a professional human emotions.

I work in the financial industry—change is the name of the game and volatility is a big part of that in 2018. Is it necessary for us to pay attention to every move up and down? No, not unless we are day traders looking to capitalize on those moves. For the most part we do and should tune it all out. But the constant change doesn’t stop there. Even our government seems like an extended version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with the constant in and outflow of people.

How do we deal or even get used to it all? Well, for the most part the only thing we are getting used to is the change. Some change we experience is healthy, the rest… well, I’m not a professional to really say how much is too much and I imagine that can differ for each person. That being said, I do believe it is important to self-regulate. Don’t close your mind to all of it, we don’t live in bubbles. We do, however, need to live, find a purpose (even if that purpose is effecting more change) and hopefully use the change around us to inspire us make the world a better place. Happy writing this week!

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