Think Before You Write

Anyone who has attempted or written a book, knows it is hard. Sure it may get easier over time just like anything else but it isn’t an easy feat. Actually, I take that back to make a slight modification to my statement… to write a bad book it’s not too hard, but to write anything halfway decent, it really is difficult.

There are tons of reasons why this is the case—a lot of time, research, ideas, etc. But even deeper is the fact that a really great author not only tells a story but they truly connect to their readers. I’ve read books where at some points, I literally feel like standing up and acting out the scene. I like to do this when I write too so this simply may be something strange with me but that’s a topic for another day. The bottom line is it is really hard to convey emotion through written word. Ironically, these days, that seems to be the most common form of communication. Texts, emails, other forms of social media that allow you to type… people hardly pick up the phone to have a full out conversation anymore!

So why am I even writing about this? I had an incident this week happen where a conversation by texts went completely wrong. Eventually it turned into a phone conversation and progress was made but it all started by “insinuated” emotions each party thought they were “feeling” from the written words. It just made me realize just how difficult good communication can be—at least if we are to have any sort of depth to it.

Lesson learned: think before you write. Happy writing this week!


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