Getting in Some Family Time by Mandy Rosko

So with the holiday job winding down, I’ve got a week off, and probably a couple more shifts coming in before I’m let go for the season. I loved working at the bookstore and I love going there whenever I can and hope to get hired back 🙂

It’s the only job I’ve ever worked where I know I can come in, everyone will be in a good mood, I spend my time talking with customers about their favorite books, they ask about my favorite books, I stock shelves, search the computer.

I can go in some days and they’re very rarely long. I think this season I’ve only ever come across one *slightly* moody customer. That’s always awesome when compared to working at the diner waiting tables.

People who are hungry and upset are usually less forgiving than people searching for the books they love and can’t find them.

I love that bookstore. The only downside was not being able to spend more Christmas time with my family. I also had a bit more trouble keeping to my deadlines and remembering to get stuff done, but ultimately, everything got handed in 🙂

Right now I’m at my brother’s house. I’ll be writing my patron book and getting the last of the print book rewards shipped out today. But I’m also going to spend some time here to make up for the time I missed with them.

I’m that annoying relative that never knows when to leave 😀

But now that it’s the 9th of the month I need to up my word count from 3k words per day to something a little higher. I need to update Wattpad again, and send out a story to Tapas today 😀 So much to get done and I’m feeling good about it.

I want to get more written this year, read at least 30 books, and take care of my newsletter list.

It’s time to get back to work, but I’m going to be enjoying 2018 a little more as I do it.


Happy reading!


Mandy Rosko


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