Why Fiction?

I am an absolute romantic… surprise, surprise. Now notice I didn’t say hopeless romantic. I love romance but I also realize that at times (and I know this really is many times) real life doesn’t work out the way life works in the romance novels. I vaguely remember reading a book in which the heroine is obsessed with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. This is nothing new but in this version, the heroine actually met him only to realize there was a lot she didn’t like. He was stiff and proper to a fault, a bit too traditional—she had fallen in love with the idea of romance versus the actual man himself.

Does this mean we all need to be practical and stop living in the clouds? Well, that is a personal decision we each make. I had an acquaintance tell me recently that she didn’t read fiction because her husband thought fiction “stupid” as it didn’t really have much value in the day to day of life. I told her I disagreed and thought fiction and non-fiction served two very different purposes. Non-fiction can be educational in most cases but fiction can open doors to completely new worlds. With all the chaos of our world, this can prove very rewarding at times.

I spend most of my days doing calculations and speaking to folks about their finances. I love the conversations and helping others but I also find that my opportunities to read or write fiction reach a different part of me. I love the escape, the flexing of my imagination as I either create or encounter new worlds and characters. That doesn’t mean I don’t ground myself in reality. It just means that I believe we need a balance of both. We are about to enter a season where much of what we see and experience and feel is based on spirit and “magic.” Even still, many folks love this time of year.

There are so many real forces we struggle with—war, money, greed, politics, etc.—each day that quite frankly, I believe many of us could use more fiction as an outlet.

Happy writing this week!

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