Giving Advice as an Author by Mandy Rosko

Every once in a while I get someone who will ask me to do a guest blog on this, or a quick talk about that, or some advice about something or other.

And it never stops being weird. Somehow, at least in my own smaller circle, I’ve given off the impression that I know what I’m doing. Which I don’t. I’m just incredibly lucky, worked hard to create as many books as I possibly can, and lack what I would consider to be a normal amount of shame.

I was trying to explain this the other day to a group of writers. I was trying to keep it short because we were in the middle of accolades and those can’t last long, but when I got into talking about what I’m doing on Radish and where my newer books are coming from, I started rambling about no shame.

When I was trying to convince some other authors around me that Patreon might be a good idea, I was told that other authors who tried this method tended to get laughed at behind their backs, and I’ll never say that I’m one of those people who cares nothing for the opinions of others, I do, but apparently not enough to let the idea of people laughing at me behind my back stop me from potentially making an idiot of myself anyway.

I’m successful enough that I’ve managed to live off my writing alone for the past 5 years, and though that will come to an end if I’m hired to work at my local bookstore as a seasonal employee, I’m not rich. I still live in an apartment, have credit card debt (my own stupid fault on that one) and have to watch what I spend on certain things. Add to the fact that I live alone with my dog and have no children to care for, and most other expenses most other authors have are ones I don’t need to worry about.

But I think it’s the fact that I’ve still managed to do it that people find interesting. So I try to explain to the best of my ability what I am doing and why. How I’ve been growing my Youtube Channel (slowly), how I’ve been trying to grow my Wattpad and Radish Subscribers (also slowly) and my Patrons on Patreon (With as much love and care as possible ^_^)

I try to explain how I throw anything at the wall I can get my hands on and see what remotely stick, and I think I’ve finally nailed down the method that has worked best for me over the years.

Hard work. Can’t be a writer without Writing some books, right? Luck is a big one. I got into some places at the right time and things fell into place. My Writer’s Group. They taught me a lot about self publishing and pointed me in the right direction many times.

And a less than healthy lack of shame apparently.

At first I thought my method was a triangle, requiring the three above pieces to fall into place, but that’s not entirely true. The lack of shame makes up the fourth pillar, and maybe all writers need a little of that to put their work out there, market it, and try new and stupid things to see if anything works.

Which is why I do the guest posts and talks whenever I’m asked, few times that might be ^_^


What are your thoughts on this?


Mandy Rosko

I’m now on Radish! Check out the Radish Fiction app on your phone or tablet and search for Mandy Rosko for some awesome free romances 😉



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