Vampires Don’t Suck…An Interview with LE Wilson By Ripley Proserpina

If you’re like me, when the weather gets cooler, you start looking for something a little darker. Maybe even a little scarier.
I was recently introduced to LE Wilson by a friend of mine, and I thought, here are the perfect books to fit my mood! Actually, they’re the perfect books for any mood, but I do love paranormal romance in the fall. I don’t know what it is, the clouds? The rain? Whatever it is, after reading the first book, I had to share! LE was kind (and patient) enough to answer my questions about her books, and how she writes. Enjoy!
You write about vampires, witches, and fae—what draws you to writing about the paranormal? 
 The fear of death, I think. Though I’ve become more accepting of it as I get older, I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal—everything from Bigfoot to UFO’s to Ghosts to Vampires. When I was a teenager, I had the entire set of those “Mysteries of the Unknown” books from Time. Remember those? And I’ve also had a few strange occurrences happen to me after people in my family have died. I think what attracts me the most, though, is the whole “immortal” aspect. Most of my characters, if they’re not immortal in the beginning, will be in the end.
Deathless Night is a sexy, dark series about vampires—tell us about your vampires. 
Is it dark? Hmm…lol. I have to admit, Anne Rice and Steven King are some of my biggest influences outside of romance, and though I didn’t intend for the series to be that way, it has organically grown into something a bit darker over time. The main characters tend to lighten it up a bit though, I think. My vampires are quite a group, ranging from British and silly (Aiden) to old and scary (Dante). I don’t know where they came from, to be honest. They just appeared in my head one day. But as my first series, vampires were a natural choice for me. I’ve always been obsessed with them. Dark, sexy, and immortal – what’s not to like? And again…Anne Rice. Lol
Your series The Moss Witches, is an offshoot of your Deathless Night series—tell us what it was about those characters that made you want to journey into their world. 
Well, it started out because I wanted to try writing a serial series. Something a little dark and racy. One I could publish fast for my readers in between my longer books. I’m not exactly sure where the idea of going back and telling the story of the witches came from, but part of it was because I’ve always been an Historical Romance fan. And though I’m not quite brave enough to try my hand at a Regency Romance just yet, going back to the 1940’s seemed pretty safe. Telling the story of how the witches in my Deathless Night Series came to be where they are in book 1 —  Blood Hunger — was just something that popped into my head one day, and the more I thought about the characters, the more excited I became to write their stories.
Bewitching Alice is only the first witch whose story will be told. I now have story ideas for a witch from each decade, leading all the way up to the reason why the Moss Witches fled their coven and scattered. Only to be found by their vampire mates in the Deathless Night Series, of course. 🙂
 I also have another spinoff series- The Kincaid Werewolves. The wolves are also in the Deathless Night Series, but they were so popular, their heads got big and they clamored around in my head for their own series, also, where they get mixed up with the fae…
Writing is both rewarding and draining. Have you ever had the ultimate writing experience where everything just went perfectly? Can you tell us about it? And then on the flip side- have you ever had a book that was just not going the way you thought it would… 
 I don’t think I’ve ever had a book go perfectly. Like a lot of authors I know, I start out a new book like, “This book is gonna be SO awesome!” And then I get about a third of the way in and get “stuck” trying to go from where the characters are to where I need them to be for the end. Though I’m not a plotter, I do start out with a general idea of the story and how I want the ending, especially because I write series. But I think the easiest books I’ve written are The Moss Witches series. Bewitching Alice just flowed for me from the moment she walked onto the page. Maybe because I’ve written ten books now, maybe because they’re only from her point of view and so I can get lost in the pages, maybe because they’re shorter and so easier to finish- who knows?
The only time I’ve had a book not go well is the one time I tried to plot out every scene in the book. I’m a character driven writer. The characters tell me the story, and sometimes they run amok. Lol. But I’ve learned to trust them. When I try to control them too much, it doesn’t end very well. I’m not going to tell you what book it was I tried to plot, but it bugs me to this day because I know it could be so much more.

L.E. Wilson writes Paranormal Romance with Bite (because Vampires!) starring intense alpha males and the women who are fearless enough to tame them—for the most part anyway. 😉 In her novels you’ll find smoking hot scenes, a touch of suspense, a bit of gore, and multifaceted characters, all working together to combine her lifelong obsession with the paranormal and her love of romance.

Her writing career came about the usual way: on a dare from her loving husband to “write a damn book” already while folding laundry one day in Texas. Taking that as the challenge that it was, she grabbed her mango Hard Lemonade, hit the pool, and Blood Hunger, the first book of her Deathless Night Series, was born. Little did they know just one casual suggestion would open a box of worms (or words as the case may be) that would forever change their lives.

Peach tea and her tiara are a necessary part of her writing process, though sometimes you’ll find her typing away at her favorite Starbucks. She walks two miles to get there, to make up for all of those coffees. On the weekends she likes to hike, garden, cook vegan food, and have date nights with her favorite guy.

 On a Personal Note: “I love to hear from my readers! Contact me anytime at P.O. Box 2742, Issaquah, WA 98027 or email me at”

The Moss Witches:
*** Bewitching Alice 2 (Coming September 29– Available for Pre-Orders Now): ***
Deathless Night Series:
Blood Choice: Coming October 27, 2017
The Kincaid Werewolves:
Games of the Fae: Coming Spring 2018
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  1. Haven’t read much paranormal nor romance, but appreciate the craft, the inspiration, and the following those characters wherever they go– just learning to do that myself. Great interview!

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