The Year In Review… By Ripley Proserpina

So…Facebook. That time-sucking, worm-hole vortex recently posted a picture at me, waving it in front of my face, and demanded I share it.

It was a post I’d made about submitting my book to my editor. It was the first book in my new adult, reverse harem series.

Generally, I don’t appreciate Facebook’s suggestions, but this time, it got me thinking. I have had a busy year. Like a lot of writers, I work full time, and I have a family, including the best little boy in the world.

The. Best.

I’ve always been a writer, but until recently, my stories were for me. My first book? It introduced me to people who have shaped me into an author.

So, hats off, Facebook. You were right. I should post this on my timeline because these events were important. I’ll celebrate my friendship with my editor, because she’s a magical seamstress. She rips the dresses apart before fitting them back together into something beautiful.

And then there’s the person who reads my stories before they go to the editor. She’s a fairy godmother of sorts, granting wishes but also giving me a ride home when the carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

A lot of people kept me motivated, and encouraged me, and listened to me when I cried because I felt like a failure.

I did the math. I’ve given Facebook innumerable hours, but those two minutes it took me to post my thanks to these people made that time totally worth it.

Finding Honor:

Finding Nora:

Finding Valor:

Finding Truth:

Slow Burn:

Wrath and Ruin:

Matched with the Demon:

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