Technology…Take Me Away

Have you ever wished you lived a hundred years ago, you know…before the Internet. Before the constant bombardment of emails and instant messaging and SOCIAL MEDIA. I must confess I’ve been feeling the need to “borrow” Dr. Who’s TARDIS and escape.

Things are so much simpler in many ways. Mail is instantaneous now. You can stream and have everyone you know watching.

But beneath the surface level sunshine is a bog of dreaded SPAM, subscribe buttons, notifications…the list goes on and on and on and…Yep, you’re there too. We all are, often by our own design. I’m addicted to instant gratification, being kept informed on things I’ve deemed at that instant are important.

So as much as I’d love to escape the tech world at times, I also love it.  Dr. Who’s TARDIS is safe from me. I couldn’t handle regressing back to “before tech.”

So now what?

Well, I’ve been on a mission to organize myself. I’ve decided my reliance on TWELVE email accounts and their connect calendars, three planners, and a bagillion little post-it notes wasn’t cutting it. Add in all the stuff from the day job and it’s no wonder I’m a hot mess.

I’m one-clicking my self-help/reference book addiction into a new level with this one. I’ve sped read my way through so many books on how to be more productive, how to get things in order. Oye.

The good news I think I’m finally heading into the light of the proverbial land of organization. Either that or I’m about to cross over into crazy-town. I don’t see any clowns with a lone balloon, so I’m thinking I’m almost there.

My new realizations:

  1. Unsubscribe isn’t a judgment, it’s a right. I don’t need to stay subscribed to every single website, company, or newsletter. Heck, half of them I never signed up for anyway. I’m pulling up my big girl panties on this one. I’ve always been too nice to hit that button at the bottom. You know the one usually bolded, italicized or otherwise mockingly daring you to punch it. When you’re mired in 400+ unwanted emails a day, there’s no way to slog your way out of that without that button. Use it, my friend. That’s a judgment free zone.
  2. To Do Lists are a lifeline. I’ve always loved listing things out, having a place to check off my accomplishments and scrawl my endless lists of tasks. Sadly, I’d become remiss in using them since my mother’s passing. I was so overwhelmed with life that I didn’t think I had the few moments maintaining that list required. I’ve now realized the few scant moments needed for the task are ones I not only deserve, but need. I’ll be of better use with the list than without.
  3. Facebook notifications are evil monsters. Slay them. I don’t need to know that Jane Smith (who I’ve never met not interacted with) posted in a group, especially when she’ll probably post in fifty others I’m also a member of at the same time. While I’d love to think I have the brain capacity to keep track of the endless stream of notifications, I don’t. I never will. I’m way more effective and interactive if I go into the groups when I’ve set the time aside to do so. I’ll enjoy the experience and everyone I’m sharing it with stress free because it’s on my time table. Not Facebook’s.
  4. I won’t go to Hell for saying no. Let’s set aside religious chat here. I was raised in the Bible belt south where you weren’t only taught to help thy neighbor, you were expected to. Always put others first. I’m sure we’ve all heard the various sayings a hundred different times. This one was really, really hard to accept. I’m not sure I’m entirely there yet, to be honest. I may never get fully there. The simple fact is I feel like an utter failure if I say no. I’m letting someone down. But, no one person can always be there for everyone one hundred percent of the time. It’s okay to put yourself first every now and then. (*we’ll have to pause the blog for a few moments for any of my friends who may be reading because they’ve been lecturing me on this one for years* Friends, you were right.)
  5. My publishing path is my own. I can’t do what someone else did, even if they think I can. I’m so blessed to know many, many authors within the writing world. Some are just getting started. Others have been in the trenches alongside me for a long time now. Many others were already there carving out a path way before I picked up my pen. Not a single one of them took the same route to their success. Why? Because every single one defines success a different way. To be truly successful I have to pull my big girl britches on and make decisions for myself. I can’t do XXXX simply because so and so said so, or did it and it worked for him/her. It has to be a decision made because it’s right for me and my chosen path.

Those are the biggest realizations I came to recently. Many have been simmering for a long time, pre-established facts I’d yet to fully embrace.

What about you? What realizations have you come to recently? How do you stay sane in a world where the tech is supposed to help but only mires things down even more?

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