Preciously Small Moments

I have a new niece and like many babies, she is cute as a button and I can’t wait to hold her within the next couple weeks. But what gets me most about new babies entering the world is how we are forced as parents to slow down a bit. I’ve mentioned this before but life is such a whirlwind and the older I get, the more I realize just how short it is.

In talking with my sister, I find myself simply pulled to a slower pace. It’s not to say life is easy with a new born—quite the opposite. But you do have this feeling that everything just comes to a standstill and that nothing really matters. Not the traffic outside, not the wasted meetings at work, not the fact that the person at the drive thru got your order wrong. It just doesn’t matter and quite frankly, if we spent a little less time worrying about these things we might just be happier as a species. But, that is also easier said than done.

What I do learn from these moments and instances (even though my newborns have grown into big little boys) is that we need these preciously small moments that ground us. They slow the pace down and help us really realize what matters during this infinitely small time on this earth.

So the lesson for today? Try something new… go outside, listen and watch. Breathe and just take your time. No rushing, no yelling, just complete calm and enjoyment of what a day can bring.

Happy writing this week!


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