Growing My Backlist and Readers on Radish by Mandy Rosko

So the Radish App is growing fairly well 🙂 I’m still working on the model of slow and steady wins the race, but I’m still uploading my books and trying to see what happens if I keep the chapters coming once or twice a week instead of uploading everything at the same time.

There’s two schools of thought with this. Apparently, according to the people at Wattpad, there’s a group of readers who like reading chapter by chapter on their app. It seems less daunting that way. The book isn’t so big when it’s presented one chapter at a time. If I remember this right, this is Wattpad’s most popular reader.

The other type of reader is the one that likes to binge read only a completed book. I have yet to figure out which type of reader is most dominant at Radish.

Radish Banner

At the very least, it’s an interesting way for me to grow subscribers on the account. Radish doesn’t yet have a method of following authors. Which is a real shame. I’m getting impatient for that update, but for now there is a method of following the specific story you like, which is interesting on it’s own, because this way I can see that the majority of people who follow my books are all coming in through one book in particular, which is Arrangement with a Billionaire.

It has about 2100 subscribers, with my other 5 books pulling in about a thousand on their own. I’m still releasing Arrangement with a Billionaire chapter by chapter on Radish because I want to see how far that will go. I want to see if the number of people who follow my work will increase as those 2000 people get notified of a new chapter to read and pass it on to their friends 🙂

Overall, this is going to take many more months of testing, and I’m happy to do it. I’ve got a fairly large backlist of titles, so it’s just a matter of getting the books up there and seeing how they perform 🙂

If you wanted to check me out on the Radish app, you can download it right here from either the IOS store or Google Play. Just search for Mandy Rosko

Happy Reading!


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