The Actual List… By Ripley Proserpina

This is the time of the summer where I start comparing my summer reading wish-list with what I actually read.

Not surprisingly, like my to-do list, I didn’t quite get finished what I had planned. First of all, there were so many amazing authors I discovered this summer, and sometimes my planned to-read books got pushed down the list.

This summer, I seemed to choose books that left me thinking long after I’d finished them. So here’s a quick list of what I found.

First- a good friend of mine, looking for a book about redemption, suggested Stoned by Mandi Beck. She said it was a story that would stick with me, and she wasn’t wrong. Even now, I can’t decide how exactly I feel about the male MC. Did I love him, did I not? Jury is still out.

The amazing Amanda Milo, author of Rescued by the Alien, suggested I read Venomous by Penelope Fletcher. This was a book, a wonderfully loooong book, about an alien who looked like an alien, and a female MC with no chance of returning to Earth. This was science fiction world building like nobody’s business.

Rebecca Royce released two books in her Last Hope series, Tradition be Damned and Past Be Damned. I can say, unequivocally, I adored these books, and will re-read. Ms. Royce managed to combine dystopia and demons, and the result is incredible.

Finally, I returned to my favorite nonfiction author, Nathaniel Philbrick, with a re-read of Mayflower. This book is better than any multi-novel fantasy Tor has ever put out, and is all the more mind-blowing because it’s true. Want to be frightened? Read about what the pilgrims did when they arrived in the new world. It’ll give you nightmares.

Hope everyone had as an enjoyable a reading list as I did. Enjoy August, and the few weeks left to read on the beach (or porch, or hammock, or chair during a baseball game) wherever you are. ~Ripley

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