Welcoming an Old Family Member Home by Heather Novak

Many, many (many…many…) years ago, I was a world-titled organist. After my grandparents passed away, one of the many instruments I inherited was a Grinnell Brothers piano. Grinnell Brothers was one of the leading piano/organ manufactures in Detroit until the late 1960’s.

My best guess is that the piano was from the mid-1940’s, as it was a graduation gift from my great-grandparents to my grandma. 

This piano sat unused in my father’s house for way too long, with me struggling to figure out how to fit it in my tiny 1950’s postage-stamp style living room. The biggest issue was what to do with my 5ft marble antique coffee table, also from my grandma. With a 14′ room, I couldn’t fit the giant coffee table AND the piano. 

But something needed to change, because piano. Gorgeous, gorgeous piano. 

We moved the coffee table to my office, and it worked out pretty well! I have it covered in books and pictures. 

Then, I called in specialized piano movers and they easy moved my piano to fit against my living room wall with ease. Sure it cut the already limited seating in half and left me with a folding table. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!

Almost all of my memories of my grandparents’ home involve this piano. It feels like having a piece of the love they shared right here, in my living room. Almost every person I’ve loved in my family has touched this piano in their lifetime.

The wonderful thing about playing music (versus writing music) is that you get to be creative without having to create anything. It’s simply a test, if you will. It’s reading notes out loud with your fingers.

I find it calming and energizing. As I find myself get more and more comfortable with the music again (it has been over a decade after all), I find my mind wandering to book problems and starting to sort them out. Hopefully, in time, the music will get me through my grief and back to my words.

Stay awesome, NoP.

On this day in 1979 – Vivian Vance, passed away. She was an American actress, best known as Ethel Mertz on the television sitcom I Love Lucy (b. 1909)


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