Our Little Big Luxuries

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Charleston, SC. I’ve been there before for perhaps an evening over ten years ago so as you can imagine, I didn’t really remember much. And quite frankly, I felt this weekend trip to the city too short as well so I’ll definitely be back there in the future.

I found the city fascinating from a historical perspective and beautiful structurally as history really lends itself through the architecture of the homes and even how much of the city was built (over marsh). I could really imagine the city as the back drop to one of those enchanting historical romances that I’m sure many of us pick up every now and then. But as we may be able to imagine and as factual accounts point out, life during the 1800s was not all romance and enchantment. I was reminded of this as we toured the city and had it pointed out which churches recently got air condition.

As I walked into work Monday morning, our air condition was out of commission as well. Now my bosses are absolutely not ogres and were giving folks the option to reschedule appointments or work remotely, but neither of those were a great option for me and Mondays are simply busy days. So… I toughed it out. I sat down at my desk and cranked out emails as sweat beaded at my temples and while I’m glad I did because I made headway and didn’t fall behind on my work load, I have to say that I have a much greater appreciation for air condition—one of our little big luxuries that we easily take for granted.

My point? The next time you wish you were transported back in time for some reason – a simpler life, the romance of the time period, less complexities, etc. remember that each time and place comes with its advantages and disadvantages and that sometimes we have to remember what we have less we take it for granted.

Happy writing this week and may it be a great one. Our air condition is back on and I plan to do the same!


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