Wattcon 2017 by Mandy Rosko


Soooooo… the tickets sold out before I could grab one ;_; Sadness abound for that level of stupidity, but from what I understand, they sold out only a couple of hours after being posted, so my bad for not F5ing that sucker the day it was ready -_-


But I won’t give up! I put my name down on the list for tickets should any get canceled, and I know my chances are still slim, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can grab a ticket. I really want one. The event is being held in Toronto, which apparently is only a few hour train ride away from Ottawa. I hear the building is within a walking distance to the building, too 😀


God, I want to go so badly! I’m kicking myself for not getting that ticket, but there’s still hope! And if they host it next year in Toronto again, I’ll be able to keep my eyes and ears open for the next round of tickets.


I’ll have to look on the bright side of this no matter what happens. If I can’t go, then at least it will give me another year to build up my Wattpad following as well as my backlist 🙂 That way when I do get to go, I’ll be looking much more impressive 😉 Lol. I feel like such a tool when I think like that.


Also, even though I won’t get to meet the Wattpad people in person like I did at Atlanta, I’ll be able to watch the livestream of their events. I’m hoping they’ll allow for Twitter or livestream questions from the audience in that case 🙂


Here’s to hoping I can nab a ticket if any come back online! I’ll be hounding the Wattpad Twitter account to see if I can get any hints on when this happens. And here’s to also hoping that #WattCon2017 is as awesome as it sounds 😉


Hugs and happy reading!


Mandy Rosko


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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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