Truth is Stranger Than Fiction by Ripley Proserpina

For some of the books I’ve written, the main character is the impetus for writing. I’ll think—what if someone was walking by an alleyway and found a baby? And then I’m off and running.

The Searchers, my reverse harem series, started a different way. Not— what would happen if a girl fell in love with four guys at the same time?—like you’d expect. I was listening to the radio and I heard a story about a guy named Ted Kaczynski, who as a fifteen year old, went to Harvard. While he was there, he met a professor who enrolled him in an experimental study which systematically broke down what he believed about himself and the world.

Until that time, Ted was apparently a pretty laid-back, quiet kid, and it wasn’t until he went to trial as the Unabomber, that anyone said he was crazy. Now, obviously a guy who sends bombs to people is not mentally sound, but I couldn’t get the story out of my head.

Would a guy, who for most of his life was known as a kind and sweet guy, have murdered people if he hadn’t taken part in that study?

From this true story grew a character: Reid. His sister, Nora Leslie, became the main character of my series, The Searchers. Reid has a page of “screen time”in Finding Honor, the first book in the series, but he’s the driving force behind Nora meeting her guys, and the action and consequences for the rest of the series.

I recently released Finding Truth, the fourth book in the series (third full-length), where we dive a little bit deeper into the question of what motivates people. The experiment and bad guy in my book are based pretty heavily off of the story about the Harvard doctor and his experiment.

So next time you read something and think, this could never happen! Don’t be so sure. Truth is stranger than fiction. In case you’re curious, I’m including a link to the article below. And if you’re in the mood for a unique romance with a mystery/thriller twist, pick up Finding Honor. There’s still plenty of summer left for reading!

Universal Book Links: 

Finding Honor:

Finding Nora:

Finding Valor:

Finding Truth:https://

Article Below: Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber:

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