Grounding Moments

Today I am going to make this blog a gratitude of what I appreciate in life. I had one of those freak accidents this past week that really makes you evaluate your life and appreciate what you have. It’s that type of thing that happens to you that makes you realize that if just one thing had been slightly different, you might not be standing where you are currently standing (or sitting or lying!).

Have you ever had one of those moments? One of those moments you hold your breath and only breathe a huge sigh once it is all over? I’m not sure why it takes these moments for us to “come back to our senses.” In fact, I often refer to small incidents (like tripping as you day dream) as moments that bring us back to earth or cause us to reflect a bit.

This past week I fainted due mainly to being sick and exhausted and face planted it on my bedroom carpet. First off, it was a good thing I landed on the carpet and second, if I had fallen several inches further, I might not be typing this blog. So, I am grateful I am here. Ironically, my husband had just been talking to me the day before about what would happen to us if one of us were hurt, etc. We live in a new place, know less folks, have less people we can depend on for help with our kids, etc. Still, we survived and it serves as a bit of a warning. And it makes me realize that life doesn’t go on forever. If there are things I want to do, achieve, cross off a buck list, etc., I’ve got to do them now or soon. We just never know.

That’s it this week. My challenge to you all is to find something you all are grateful about and either write about it or talk about it (it’s always nice to hear positive news).

Happy writing this week!


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