RTC Was Awesome! By Mandy Rosko

So the book signing and the panels at RTC in Ottawa were amazing.


I suck though, I thought the event was taking place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but instead it was Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so I missed a whole day ;_;



Other than that, I had a ton of fun. I got some signed books, forgot to grab a few other books on my list, sold a lot of books as well, and gave away some nice swag 😀


Lol, Eve and her daughter were telling me that a few people came up to them to complain that their swag bags were missing items. I guess they saw the metal water bottles and wanted to know where to get them from. Poor Eve had to explain that the water bottles were limited items, and only random readers got their hands on those.


Milly Taiden was more generous since she gave away tumblers with all the bags, I think. I got one too! It was the kind that comes with a nice straw that can be folded away so it doesn’t leak. I’ve been using that as one of my water cups for my writing spurts 😀


I reeeeally hope Eve wants to do this again next year. I can only imagine the stress it puts her under to get an event like that up and running every year, but I have so much fun at these, and next year I want to make a better effort to not miss out on all the deadlines. There was so much I meant to do. Sponsor dinners, put my name and some of my book covers into the schedule book, or just give more to the event itself.

Next year I’m going to be on top of this, if Eve does it again. Peer pressure time.


I’m evil and going to hell.


I even did a little dancing! Just a little, though. I’m not good at it and only have so much courage for that 🙂


Lol, right after the last night ended, when I was all sad because I always get sad on the last night of these, I had to get on my computer and immediately order some swag items for my Patrons, and for the upcoming signings I want to do 🙂 Another author told me where she gets her supplies to make her lip balm, so I ordered a bunch of that stuff, and a few Youtube videos showed me how to make sparkle lip balm, too 😀


Here’s to a great time at RTC. If you’re in the Ottawa area next year, then please stop by and give it a look. Eve Langlais knows how to show her readers a great time 🙂




Mandy Rosko


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