Summer Isn’t Over Yet… by Ripley Proserpina

Finding Honor, my reverse harem new adult romance, made it to the bracketed tournament of the 2017 Book Boyfriend Battle! Thank you everyone who voted! 

I began this series last spring, and with the support of the most amazing critique partner in the history of time, took the leap from writing books that I never believed would see the light of day, to sending them to a publisher. Afterglows Publishing took on the series, even though until then, they’d never published a reverse harem romance.

Now the genre is getting big, fast! In the past few months, I’ve noted twenty new authors joining our Facebook group. Reverse harem romances have branched into all genres—contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy… In the next few weeks and months, I have the fourth book in The Searchers series releasing, and a reverse harem, paranormal vampire series releasing. Stay tuned for info about Midnight’s Crown! 

Summer may be winding down, but the books releases are coming up fast!

Finding Truth releases August 15th! 

Universal Book Link Below: Finding Truth is available at your favorite ebook retailer:)



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