Change the View from your Chair by Heather Novak

As summer is drawing to a close (HOW?! I don’t know either), I find my writing is flat, my stress is high, and my blog posts have seen better ideas.

Without vacation time (or a vacation budget), how do you get out of the funk? I HIGHLY recommend rearranging a room. Just one room. And for the love of all of the books, make sure to measure everything first.

Unlike what I did.

But that’s a different story for a different day…

I haven’t needed the ice packs in like 4 hours…


For months, I’ve been wanting to rearrange my living room to exchange a broken down bookcase for my antique piano. Last weekend, I woke up determined to succeed! My husband was less than enthusiastic, but he hasn’t locked me out of the house (yet) so we’re still okay.

Things that were important to me:

1) Less glare on the television
2) Less clutter
3) A comfortable chair to read in that gets plenty of natural light
4) An easy flow of traffic

Once I made my “goal” list, it helped me decide which pieces I wanted to put where.
Well that and lots of profanity as I kept rearranging everything to try and fit.

Things that I learned:

1) I’m no longer ever allowed to move furniture. I know I will always injure myself
2) Several large pieces in a small room (we’ve moved a lot!) almost never work. Sometimes storage is the only way to go
3) I was right, the TV is better without the glare
4) My reading chair is still spot on
5) Ottomans with storage are the only way to fly
6) The only way to properly celebrate rearranging a room is by putting on some good music and having a dance party. Make sure your blinds are closed, however…

The change really did help clear my mind. I cleaned out some old stuff we didn’t need, vacuumed under the couch, and gave my house a more “cozy” feeling. This got me in the mood to get some work done, since I was feeling so accomplished. 

Now that I have edits back on a book, I SUPPOSE I’ll go work on those. See you on the flip side, NOP.


On this day in 1954 – Colette passed away. Pseudonym of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette , French author, known for her novel Gigi which was the basis for the play and film of the same name (b. 1873)


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