Bonjour! By Ripley Proserpina

In two weeks, the third full length book in my reverse harem, new adult romance series, The Searchers, releases. Finding Truth, has been one of my favorite books in the series so far, mostly because this character, Matisse Boudreau, is so surprising.

People often talk about two types of writers: pantsers and plotters. I’m a pantser, but I do draw my arcs and write things out when I get stuck on a question or in the action. So, I guess I’m a hybrid. A plotser.  A pantler.

Anyhoo- here’s a sneak peek.

Something was up. Matisse knew it as soon as he closed the door behind him. For one thing, the lights were on in the kitchen. He’d given his roommates and Nora ample time to believe he wouldn’t be returning until late. Used to being up all night, he wasn’t ready for sleep, even though he’d only slept a few hours during the day. A nearly-midnight entrance should have guaranteed him solitude. Instead he’d been out maneuvered. 

Expecting a full-on intervention, he was surprised when only Apollo was in the kitchen. “Hey,” the larger man greeted when Matisse came through the door. 

“Hi,” he replied warily. Any second, he expected to hear his friends’ feet pounding down the stairs so they could surround him and demand answers.

“Don’t look so nervous. No one else is here. Nora’s sleeping, but she wants me to wake her up when you get in. Seok’s reading, and Ryan, overachiever, is doing homework. It’s just you and me.” 

“Emissary?” Matisse asked and flung his body into a chair, affecting nonchalance. 

“Sort of,” Apollo answered. “I wanted to talk to you because we’re in the same boat.” 

“How is that?” Impossible. Apollo—perfect, generous, kind Apollo—and him? The king of the illegal? The go-to guy for all things sneaky? 

“Because there are things we do on the shady side of legal, and Nora needs to learn about them. Will, or has, in your case. Why didn’t you tell me, man?” Matisse studied Apollo’s features. His mouth turned down, and his eyebrows drew together—he’d hurt Apollo’s feelings. 

“What would you have said?” 

“Don’t do it,” Apollo answered quickly. “Be smart. And I’d have had no right to say it, either, considering I’m training to pound some guy into the ground of a warehouse on the outskirts of town.” 

“You still would have said it.” 

Apollo chuckled at Matisse’s words. “Yeah. I would have. It’s my job as your friend.” 

Resting his elbows on the table, he linked his fingers around the back of his head and shook it from side to side. What a mess he’d gotten himself into. And for nothing. Literally nothing. Unless. “We’re talking about the bike races, right?” 

Apollo leaned forward, his arms flexing as he folded his hands. “Should we be talking about something else?” 

Matisse sprawled back in the chair and shook his head. “No.” 

“Everyone wants to talk to you.” 

“I’m sure they do, but it’s really none of their business.” 

Matisse is available for preorder at your favorite ebook retailers. Universal book link is here:) It releases 8/15!

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