Romance Author J.M. Davies and The Witch’s Heart


Hello everyone, I’m thrilled to be here as a guest author today. Thank you Susan Hanniford Crowley for letting me take over. Yay!

A few facts about me, my name is Jennifer Davies and I’m a fifty something mom with four boys, two cats, a dog, and a husband in tow. I have been married for twenty-one years this August to my best friend and strongest supporter. I’m originally from Wales in the UK which is why I have a funny accent, but I now reside on the East Coast of America in  New England.

I have lived in  North Andover for the past 14years, and it’s a perfect distance from the city of Boston, the coast, and the mountains which I love. Living in New England has been a huge source of inspiration for me, but  I find inspiration from many avenues, my family, my life, traveling and my persistence to keep writing. As a result, I always have ideas for future books.

I’m a former registered nurse/ midwife. I am always battling my weight, but as I’m addicted to chocolate, it’s not a fight I will win anytime soon. I adore Grey’s Anatomy. I love yard sales and get excited at the purchase of old furniture that I can recycle. My goal is to be a NY Times best seller—one day!


As a teenager, I never imagined I would ever leave Cardiff, Wales. I had my life mapped out, and everything I wanted on my doorstep. Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a nurse despite my dad pushing me to go to art college. He was worried nursing would be too difficult and stressful. I loved my family and I never wanted to be far away from them ever. I wanted to fall in love and live happily ever after with a couple of kids.

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect—at all.

My life has changed in a direction I never saw coming. I left nursing/midwifery after 15 years, and I’m now a full-time indie author. Whilst I enjoyed nursing, writing fills me with energy and passion that even when the demons rise I still want to keep pursuing my goal. I moved to live across an ocean, and I miss Wales, and my sisters, but I love New England. I’m in a constant see-saw of emotions about living in one place or the other. As a result, I visit my family as often as I can to keep me sane. I married  a man who pushed me out of my comfort zone, who challenges and inspires me still to reach for the stars.


As I look back, I realize I have everything I wanted and more, even if at times there have been hurdles and mountains to climb. My life is an adventure, and the journey is part of what defines me as a writer. Throughout my life, I have always been an avid reader. My tastes range from Patricia Cornwell, to J.D. Robb. I love to read, and it’s from that love of  books that the desire to create my own stories grew, plus a wild imagination.
I’m a multi-genre author. I write under the pen name of  J. M. Davies for my adult romance books which began with  Capturing the Welsh Witch (November 2015). The first book in the Rise of Orion series. A paranormal romance. I loved creating the characters of Ella Masters, a soul-shifter and Marcus Drayton, a FBI agent, pushing them together and seeing how many hurdles I could create until they get their happy ever after. The sequel, The Witch’s Heart is out in August 2017.

The Vineyards of Allegretti is a contemporary romantic suspense set in Montepulciano, Tuscany. (April 2016). This story centers on Vivian King and Michael Allegretti and it’s about the secrets they both hide which puts their love and lives in danger. Marnie’s Plan came out December 2016 . It’s the first book in the Diamonds in the Rough series. These books are about the strength, determination, and friendship between women when faced with difficulties as well as romance.

I also writes YA fantasy. My first series and the very first book I ever wrote is called The Promise. The series is called the Children of Annwn and it is written under the name Jennifer Owen Davies. It’s a coming of age story about 17 yr old  Mia Leronde who discovers she isn’t human, but a guardian from the mythological realm of Annwn who is gifted with telepathy, foresight and the healing touch. The series is about confronting your fears and using that fear to reach your goal.

My Latest Release: The Witch’s Heart
Secluded away in a mansion on the rugged coast of Maine, pregnant, soul-shifter, Ella, should be happy. Instead, knowing the sinister Professor and the nefarious Elusti are out there and want her baby, she’s tormented with dread for the future.

Stubborn ex-navy SEAL Marcus refuses to forgo his mission with the security team Orion even after his beautiful wife dreams him dead, but insists, she remain at the high-tech fortress to be safe.

However, you cannot outrun destiny because it lurks in the darkness —waiting. When Ella’s worst fears materialize they are both shattered by loss and guilt. Each blames the other. Putting aside their personal tragedy they work together to bring down their enemies but at what cost? How far would you go to keep the ones you love safe?

Pre-Order your copy today and it will be delivered right to your Kindle on the 1st August!







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Thanks for visiting Nights of Passion, Jennifer! We are looking forward to reading The Witch’s Heart.

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