Getting the Print Books Shipped by Mandy Rosko

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All right! Progress is being made on shipping out the books for Patrons 😀 The second batch went out earlier today, and I don’t think it took too long to process everything at the post office, so luckily I don’t think anyone in the lineup behind me wanted to kill me.

By now the staff at the post office hand over many of the stickers that go on these packages for me to take home, because they know how long it takes if they don’t give me the stickers, but even when I fill out a bunch of stuff in advance, it can take a while, which is why the shipping gets broken up like this.

It cost me about $119 to send out 12 books, so yeah, it gets expensive. Thankfully that’s part of what the Patrons getting their books have paid for ^_^

Still, why does Canada have to have such expensive shipping!?!?!?!?! Even when I checked online and tried to find out if printing off my own shipping label would be cheaper, the savings was literally 10 cents per shipment, and getting a business account and card to use with Canada post would only get me 5% off the envelopes and slightly faster shipping

Thanks Canada Post -_-

Anyway, I figure the money I’d spend on paper and ink for my printer, and more tape to tape on the labels, would just outweigh the cost of the savings, so I’ll still wandering down to the post office. Luckily I live really close to it 😀

All in all, I think its close to 36 packages in total that I’ll be shipping out when everything is said and done. I’ll have to count them to make sure. It’s crazy to think about, but there it is, and I’m kind of proud that there are that many readers who want to get their hands on these books in the first place 😀 It’s kind of crazy to think that so many of my print books will exist that I didn’t order specifically for the sake of taking to a signing, but they already had readers for them 🙂

One day I’ll have 100 print readers 😀 Muahahahahaha!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this fun milestone with you, I’m super proud of myself right now and I can’t stop looking at the box with all the books in it 😀




Mandy Rosko 🙂

If you wanted to grab a print book for yourself, or find out what a Patron is, click here:


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