Time is Money

I don’t think there would be many people out there who would say that money is not important. It may be a sort of necessary evil to some of us, but at the end of the day we need money to live to some degree. I guess there are areas out there where I could trade, but more likely than not, I need some sort of currency to get by. I work with money every day so this was an easy “necessity” to come up with. When I started giving it more thought though, I really felt like one of the most valuable necessities out there for me is time.

I need more time for work, more time with my kids who are growing up too quickly. As I write this blog, I’m waiting for my email to start working and it annoys me that time is wasted waiting for my system (hence the multi-tasking). Everything seems to be a waiting game and time is the main prize. Time also seems to be where everything leads to. We worry about time to live, time to love, time to work and play. It’s why there are so many sayings about needing more time in a day. Even our whole world revolves around making technology faster, more intuitive and more productive. Why? Because that means more everything… money, productivity, value, etc.

So what about you? Would you agree that time is the most important “thing” out there? I guess you could argue love but then not everyone gets to experience that to the same degree. Our health is also irrelevant if we as a species ceased to exist altogether. And family requires time to nurture and cultivate relationships. What matters most to you? What are your necessities?

Happy writing this week!


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