They’re Here! By Mandy Rosko

Okay! So Yesterday afternoon I got an awesome package in the mail. An amazing parcel that made me beyond excited to open it, to feel the joy of looking inside and playing around with the contents!

I’m talking about my Japan import of Uta No Prince Sama, a J-pop rhythm game I’ve been eyeing for a while that came with a bonus track CD, of course


But also the Proof copies of The Wild Wolf’s Wife 😀 That was pretty amazing as well


Screenshot 2017-07-11 05.14.00

I was so happy to get these in the mail, and I even did a live unboxing on my Youtube channel 😀

It was a lot of me rambling about how much I love the books, hugging them, showing off how awesome they looked thanks to the amazing cover artist and the Vellum print formatting, and rambling some more and repeating myself for a half an hour.

This is the second Patron print book I’ve done. The first was the print volume of Bad Boy Bear, so because this is the second one, I guess it was just a little extra special. It’s a sign that this is working for me. It’s like a mini anniversary to show me that this has been going on for several months now, and there’s no signs of stopping.

It’s amazing to do this, and I’m so happy and grateful that there are people who want these books and they can keep me publishing them. 😀

I just wanted to show off that picture for you. I’m insanely proud of this book. It’s about 6AM right now, and when I finally get into bed, I’ll probably be snuggling this book while I’m at it 😀


So, my takeaway from this? If you can, use the Vellum Print formatting. It’s super amazing 😀




Mandy Rosko


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