Second Star To the Right… By Ripley Proserpina

This week, I’m bringing you a new series! Stardust, by co-authors Autumn Reed and Julia Clarke, is a new adult, reverse harem, romance. I read Phoenix, their first book, last summer and anxiously await each release. Read about their books below.

 You’re writing a new adult, reverse harem series called Stardust. Tell me about your main character, Haley, and what draws her to her love interests?

Julia: Despite a tragic childhood, Haley looks for the best in people, and she is drawn to the guys both on an individual level and as a group. She admires their intense loyalty to each other that binds them together like family. And, they’ve all faced some sort of struggle in their past that she can identify with.

Setting aside their striking good looks, each of them possess attributes that are attractive to Haley—Knox makes her feel safe, makes her feel like she can tell him anything. Theo is fun and interesting, and always makes her laugh. Jackson is mysterious, and has more in common with Haley than she realizes. Liam is flirtatious and encouraging, and she discovers a depth of character that she wouldn’t have expected. Chase is a sweetheart who understands her perhaps even better than the others do. And, even “he who shall not be named” (aka Ethan) appeals to her need to make sure everyone she cares about is happy. Who wouldn’t want to give their heart to the Stardust guys?

The guys interested in Haley are all very unique. Why did you decide to make the story a reverse harem, and not say, a long triangle?

Autumn: The thing I love about Team Jaguar is each of the guys could easily be Haley’s dream guy on his own. She connects with them all in different ways, and they are attracted to her for different reasons. But, ultimately, Haley and the guys are better as a unit in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a typical male/female relationship or if she was only romantically linked to only one of the guys.

You are co-authors of a five (and a half) book series. What is the most fun about writing with another person?

Autumn: The best part of working with a co-author is having someone to bounce ideas off of and sharing a vision for the characters and the story.

Julia: Getting to talk about these characters, and this world, we created as if they truly exist outside our imaginations. Spending hours with Autumn, dreaming about the characters, discussing their actions, their motivations, and ultimately what makes them who they are.

Your next book, Vega, releases July 25th. Can you give us a teaser from that book?

“I just wish you had talked to me before you left. Maybe we could have avoided all of this and simply skipped to the fun part.” “What’s the fun part?” “Kissing, duh.” Theo grinned.

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Vega – Release July 25th

Author Bios

Autumn Reed

A lifelong bookworm, Autumn loves nothing more than immersing herself in a fictional tale. When she isn’t dreaming up stories about insanely attractive guys, she spends her free time browsing antique stores and fixing up her house.

To read more about Autumn Reed, visit or

Julia Clarke

Julia Clarke writes about smart, sassy women with a strong sense of self, and the drool-worthy men who can’t resist them. Forbidden love and romance that defies expectations are her favorite stories to read and write about.

An adventurer at heart, Julia dabbles in everything from tap dance to calligraphy. When she’s not traveling with her husband or playing with her daughter, Julia is learning new recipes, hiking, sailing, or inhaling copious amounts of fine chocolate.

To read more about Julia Clarke or The Stardust Series, visit or

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