Meaningful Life

These days, my five year old inundates me with questions, most of which I can’t answer in a way that doesn’t generate more questions. As I write this blog, we are preparing for our 4th of July celebration and what started out as a question on what is independence and why we would want it has spiraled into explanations about taxes, government, all men being equal and You Tube videos of speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK to name couple.

All in all, this discussion has led to thoughts on what is meaningful in life and what is not. My husband grew up in Nicaragua during the 80s and has a very different perspective about freedom and having what is necessary to live. I grew up in what seemed like a different planet, living in a large house, going to private schools. Life wasn’t all roses once my parents divorced but admittedly I never wanted for the necessary.

Freedom and Independence are such necessary rights, such basic rights and yet in many parts of the world they are in short supply. Even more, these rights lead to many other rights we consider innate to leading a good life–our freedom to express ourselves, our right to pursue happiness for ourselves and our families.

As we pass this day that marks our country’s Independence, take time to reflect on what is meaningful to you and why. With all the chaos and distractions  of our world, it is easy to forget what matters most.

Happy writing this coming week!

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