How Do You See You?

I am loathe to admit that while I do attend a Sunday mass each week, I often find I miss much of what is said simply due to trying to get my kids to sit still for an hour. This weekend, however,  I did get the rare chance to listen and found the message resonated so much with what I’ve seen and experienced of late.

In summary, the message was love yourself. If you want others to see you as confident or brave or strong, that is how you must see yourself. If you see yourself as weak, dumb, inadequate, etc. then eventually that vision will become reality and those around you will see you that way as well.

I’ve lived long enough to know this as true and though I know it and have experienced this with myself and others around me, it hasn’t stopped it insecurities from sneaking in. But the truth is we all have our faults and we all need to learn. In Spanish my husband always tells me this saying that translates to “The devil knows more because he is old and not because he is the devil.” Basically, we grow wiser with age or at least that is the hope, right? While I agree that this is the case, I also feel that the older I get, the less I know. It may just be the realization there is so much out there to learn. Still, I’m game, are you?

Happy writing this week!

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