A Storm’s a Coming

As a kid, thunderstorms always fascinated me. Every chance I got I’d be watching them from the garage. I loved the sound of rain pounding the windows and roof. No surprise that as an adult, I fall asleep to the sounds of rain or waves.

As I write this blog, I’m sitting out on the balcony of our apartment, watching storm clouds roll in. I can feel the temperature drop and although my phone says it is 79 degrees Fahrenheit, it feels cooler to me.

There is something about a storm, the anticipation of it, the strength. In a way, a big storm coming feels very much like the climax of a page turner. Of course, one always wants to be near the action and not in the midst of it. I know this as my parents recently had their home hit by lightning and the have quite a few repairs ongoing. Fortunately, they weren’t in the house when it happened.

So why all this interest in storms? In part, I have no answe why I can sit and watch lightening for hours, but I do also believe that storms are just another way for us to be that much closer to danger. It is the appeal of the “bad boy” as a teenager or the reason we ride roller coasters. It is why we like movies like Twister or Cliffhanger or Fast and Furious. We like the thought and perhaps the slightest exposure of danger. And sometimes, that’s okay as it gets the blood flowing and reminds us we are alive!

Happy writing this week!

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