Still Radishing by Mandy Rosko

So I’m pretty sure I’m doing the whole Radish thing properly.


In case you missed last week’s post, I was all celebrating and dancing about how I’d made it into Radish after spamming their inbox for literally a couple of months begging to be let in.


Radish Logo 1


Radish is a new reading app for fiction, kind of like Wattpad. Only SUPER new. So new that it’s currently missing several key features, like author following and commenting, but the potential of the app is big enough that myself, and a lot of other authors, are currently willing to overlook it 🙂


Namely, while Wattpad is testing out advertising and figuring out how to pay their authors, Radish already has that covered.


A lot of the stories are free, and more are on the Freemium list. Meaning each chapter can be unlocked for 20 cents or so, but at the end of at least 7 days, if you were fine with waiting, you pay nothing at all and the story becomes free anyway. A few stories are on the Premium slot, which is where the first three chapters are free, but then every other chapter after will be permanently locked behind those 20 cent per chapter paywalls.


I’ve currently set it up so that two of my stories are being posted chapter by chapter for free. One is under the Freemium model, so I’ll get a bit of money for it, and eventually it will go into the fully free mode, and the fourth book is under Premium.


I wanted some books in each one so I could test out how each would react. Even though there is currently no option for authors to build a following via Author Follows, there is the option to put a story into a user’s library, which I’ll be happy enough to build up for now and see where that takes me.


Currently, my Free Billionaire Contemporary is doing gangbusters compared to my Free Vampire paranormal. I’m not sure if this is because vampires aren’t so hot right now, or that Billionaire Romances happen to be in, but it’s something I’ve noticed. My Freemium werewolf story has earned me my first $1.14 cents, and my Premium Bear shifter story has year to earn anything, though I did only start posting chapters to it yesterday, so I’m going to give it some time 🙂


Because this is so new, I’m really happy with the chance to be one of the early few on it. I think the chance to grow organically is still there for Radish. I’ve already sent in some suggestions as well for the Radish team to improve their app.


I know they’re working on Author following and commenting on chapters, not sure what they’re doing about a lack of a desktop version, but my suggestion to them was to implement a “tipping” system. This would help their app continue to make money, as well as allow super fans of authors to continue to support their favorite stories from the authors they love if they happen to enjoy one of the free books they’re reading.


It would also keep authors from spamming the site with too much free content, because I think that’s where everything is at the moment. Wattpad trained it’s reader to want their books for free. I don’t blame them for that, and I love the idea of their advertising model, but I think giving readers the option to throw a few cents at the author for reading a free story is just as good an option, possibly better because then the reader might feel as if they’re deliberately showing support for their favorite writer.


A tipping option is also something Wattpad doesn’t have. They might get it, one day, but either way, I love that there’s now competition in the works for these websites, and the less we have to rely on Amazon, the better 😀


What do you think? Think Radish is a fad or a good idea? Something for Wattpad to look at and consider for it’s authors?




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