History. Clear History. By Ripley Proserpina


I wish I had grasp of everything I want to write about, but I don’t, and so I must do research. Recently, I saw a funny meme, which I’m posting below,

and I thought, what the hell is on my browser history?

 So I checked, and here’s a rundown of the most recent.

  • Jason Momoa 
  • haka
  • quantum computing
  • computer crimes in Mississippi
  • felony computer crimes in Mississippi
  • How to hack 
  • How to remotely control a computer
  • What day of the week was July 15th, 1998? 
  • Jotnar
  • What does “casse toi” mean? 

I’ll admit, Jason Momoa was not research, and hakas led me down a hole which eventually brought me to New Zealand’s rugby team, and I refuse to regret any of that time.

I think, except for the how to hack question, most of it is pretty innocuous. I haven’t had to kill any characters yet. No, I take that back. I have, but they were secondary, or tertiary characters, and I didn’t have to google anything like, how to hide a body. But my next book is about vampires, and there’s a good chance it’s in my future.

Happy Reading! ~ Ripley

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