Life’s Full of Feats

Perception on feats is to some degree, in the eye of the beholder. What I may see as an enormous undertaking can to some seem very insignificant.

Very recently, my family and I moved across the country. This was huge for us as we haven’t moved since the kids were born. And I have to say the coming back to the lushness of the east coast is a breath of life in me after spending so many years in the desert. The desert really is beautiful in its own way, but I love the green and the seasons and water! Admittedly, I’ll miss the laid back way of the west but thus far, I haven’t found our new environment too overwhelming.

So why the talk on feats today? It could be my five year old saying he can’t do this or that and from a child’s perception, almost everything is hard. Learning to read, learning to swim, learning to ride a bike… Some stuff I can’t recall but others, I remember being hard too. Learning to drive, learning about securities, learning to write a book. The last couple are still hard but each day I try, I make progress. So at the end of the day, some of those larger feats don’t seem quite as large.

Moral of the blog? There will always be things that seem too hard for us (and some that seem too easy), but with each effort we give, we chip away at the feat, making the impossible possible.

Happy writing this week!

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