Woot! I Got Into Radish! by Mandy Rosko

Radish Banner


So….what’s Radish, you might be asking 🙂


Radish is a new fiction app for IOS and Android, kind of like Wattpad, but with some differences. You can read for free, and/or unlock other chapters in different books with coins (purchased through Google Play or iTunes, roughly making each chapter roughly 10 cents each) and pay for certain content.


Currently it’s invite only, and I harassed their submission page to get in, but they’re also going to open it up fairly soon. There’s also certain features missing that need to be added in, such as following favorite authors and commenting on stories, but when I asked, those were in the works and on the way, so I can be patient. 🙂


What you can do is follow stories by adding them to your library, which seems like a fairly good idea for now and I’m already, slowly, starting to pull in subscribers that way 🙂


I know it will take me a while to build up a readership on this app, but I’m still excited to be there, and watching everything unfold is going to be lots of fun 🙂 I’m not giving up on building my readership on Wattpad, but the fact that this exists, and there’s a way to help pay authors who enjoy this type of writing, is always exciting.




Mandy Rosko


You can follow me on Wattpad and read for free here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Mandyrosko

Curious about Radish? Download it on IOS or Android and check out the free content I’m posting over there 😉




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