You Must be an Angel, Baby. By Ripley Proserpina

Tuesday Matched with a Demon releases. It is the first book in my Demon Matched series, and I am so excited about this one (I lie. I’m excited about all of them, but having a release is like a birthday. You wake up, and feel special for the day… Inevitably, no one else in your family remembers, and it turns into Sixteen Candles, minus Jake Ryan, but I digress).

The main character in this book, Lucia, is feisty and intellectual, and struggles to believe the unbelievable, even when she has an aunt who reads tarot cards and makes love potions.

Matched with a Demon is a paranormal romance, and the main love interest, Armaros, has his own demons to fight. Both literally and figuratively. But mostly literally.

In honor of Matched, I’m going to pull a Zia Valeria (Lucia’s crazy aunt), and shake my Magic 8 ball. Okay. Think about a question. Now….. ask it! And…. 

Hmm. Well, it’s not science! Anyhoo—please check it out. It’s available on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and Nook, and the universal book link is below. Happy reading! ~Ripley

A cry in the night, a child who needs help and a demon who needs redemption.

Rational and serious, Lucia believes in what she can see and touch, preferring to leave the curses and fortune telling to her old-world relatives. Meeting Delia, a half-human, half-demon child, challenges her logic. Desperately alone, the girl searched for someone to keep her safe and finds Lucia. 

Armaros spent his eternal life mired in guilt. Choosing to live life according to his desires and whims, he forced his sister to fall from grace, damning them both. When she vanished, abandoning him and all they’d built together, he pursues. The last thing the Fallen expected to discover was the impossible existence of her child and the fragile human intent on keeping her safe. 

Thrust together, Armaros and Lucia must flee the forces of Heaven and Hell. Determined to protect Delia, they must set aside their differences. Despite the insurmountable odds stacking against them, can they accept that fate put their paths on a collision course? Or are they doomed to fail, losing not only Delia, but also the only other person in the universe who understands them?

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