Our Search

Change can’t even begin to describe my life right now. A new job six months ago. Currently, my family and I are making our way across the country. A new job for the husband, new schools for the kids, a new home and the list goes on. It all gets a bit exhausting as one tries to wrap their mind around the change.

So why all the change? In our particular case, it is to be closer to family, but as I think about change and why people make such immense efforts, I realize it is because we are each searching for a better life, a better way or simply a slight degree more of happiness. For those of us who continue to push ourselves, the search is almost never ending. I used to think everyone was like this but I’ve since learned that isn’t the case. And while it may sound nice to constantly be making things better, one can also lose the happiness of the present moment because they are always looking forward.

Like anything in life, change requires balance. Too much and we can lose ourselves, too little and we risk staying stagnant in life. And while it would be great to have this balance come naturally, like anything worth having we must fight for it. We must make an effort not to sway one way or the other. And in the end, it will be worth it.

Happy writing this week!

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