Need More Sleep, lol by Mandy Rosko

Okay, so it’s about 4:30 A.M as of this writing, and I only just finished my daily word count. I seem to be getting into this bad habit of just getting my work done when it’s the dead of night (or morning) and I find I’m starting to wake up later and later in the afternoon without feeling much guilt over it @_@


Not sure how I feel about that. I’m not going to skip out on my word count, but at the same time, I don’t much like waking up after 1 in the afternoon either -_-


I’m hoping this is one of those writers problems I occasionally hear about. People tell me this is only happening because I’m a night owl and I like getting my work done when the moon is out.


Which doesn’t help my deadlines whenever I hand things in literally twenty minutes before they’re due, and whenever I get up courage to just pull an all nighter so I can fix this little dilema I put myself in, right around dawn I get tired, give up, and go to bed.


And the cycle continued ;_;


On the great side of things my Wattpad following is growing 🙂 There’s about 775 people following me there right now, which is super exciting as I work my way up to one day getting 10K followers over there.


I’ve got this plan, see, a brilliant plant. The sort of plan that involves getting:

10K Wattpad followers

10K Bookbub followes

20K Newsletter subscribers (not just from people who came in from contests, but people who are actually interested in me)

10K Youtube Subscribers

And 1000 Patrons on Patreon


How will I do this you ask? (Pretend you asked that)


Loads of patience. Super vague, I know, but I’m still figuring out my plan.


At 775 Watpad followers alone I’m at just under 8% of my final goal, but when I look at it in smaller numbers like that it doesn’t seem half bad 🙂 I’ve got roughly the same number of people following me on Youtube, and closer to 1500 following me on Bookbub, so each time I ask people to follow me on these various platforms, small steps are taken towards this goal 😉


Every once in a while I wonder if focusing on one for a year instead of just doing one per month and then switching off would at least get me to one of these particular goals faster, but then I get the feeling my NL subscribers would get a touch annoyed by the constant reminders to join a platform they’re already on. I’m still working my way around that on.


Every once in a while I like sharing these little things I’m doing as part of my long term marketing scheme. If anyone has any other great ideas for marketing to grow these platforms, I’d love to hear them! Especially since other avenues tend to get left behind in favor of NL growth.


Which, don’t get me wrong, this makes sense since I will at least own my own list. These other platforms I’m at the mercy of their rules.

Okay, time to get to bed before I make myself too paranoid  >.<




Mandy Rosko


You can follow my profile and see all the dirty things I like writing about over here –>


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