Say What We Mean

One of the most common things I hear people say is that something or someone is interesting. What does that mean? Anyone who has a decent degree of experience with the English language knows this can mean a lot of things, either good or bad. When I say English I’m also referring to United States English. English spoken in other countries may make the same types of references but I can’t claim to know that for sure.

Additionally, I do speak Spanish and while I’ve heard words like “interesante” used in a similar context, I have not experienced the same amount of situations which can change the word’s meaning depending on how it is used.

Words like these always make me wonder why it is we struggle to say what we mean or what we want at times. The conclusion I’ve come to is that we are afraid for some reason or other, but then I must ask whether that fear is valid?

At work I was working with a prospective client who I felt was really trying to avoid paying for financial assistance. And yet, the truth is he needed it. The questions he was asking, the struggles he face– the service I offered would really help him. I brought up the service as something he should consider but never flat out asked him about it. And why? Because I felt he didn’t want it. And maybe I was right but now I will never know if I was or his hesitation on the service. I never said what I meant to said and I have no good reason why.

So I bring up my question again, is this fear of ours really valid that we tend to “dance” in our conversations than talk? I don’t think so. Perhaps there is a time and place but in most cases we should just say what we mean–we may just find it makes the world a little less complex.

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