Get ‘Er Done

I’m not sure how or when it started, but I’ve got a growing bucket list of experiences I aim to have before I die. I’m a list person anyway–I love the feeling of crossing something off a list. It brings with it a small sense of accomplishment.

I’ve noticed my bucket list more of late because my oldest son’s interests seem to trigger additions. He has been over the moon about insects lately and in particular, monarch butterflies. I remember reading about them years ago and thinking I’d love to make it down to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. It’s now on the list. But it doesn’t stop there. At least once a month I come across something I’d like to do. Admittedly, it is harder to cross some of these off than it is to put them on.

So why the list? For me it is more than lists, it is about doing and knowing myself. I know I work well off of lists and they help me “do.” The questions for those of you out there reading this, are how well do you know yourselves and what will help you move forward, make progress, cross goals off your own list?

I know, this sounds too simple to be, but there are still steps to take within each goal. When I set out to write my first book, it certainly didn’t happen at overnight and even after a year plus of writing the finished product never saw the light of day. I had accomplished what I set out to do and had learned so much along the way. So much that I realized the book needed to be rewritten. I’m still learning.

Moral of the blog? Move forward. Stop talking and start doing. If that means lists or 1 goal a year, try it. You can’t accomplish if you never try.

Happy writing this week!

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