Get Back Up

Overall, I’m a pretty optimistic person and in general, I try to keep the topics on this blog more upbeat. Today is going to be no different even though I may not be feeling it. But here is why…

We all have our support networks we depend on—some greater than others and we all have our outlooks on life—some better than others. I’ve had my share of the good times and the bad times just like any of you out there reading this blog. And what I’ve learned from the bad times is that sitting and wallowing in my sorrow really doesn’t get me anywhere. From an emotional perspective and a need for mental clarity, it definitely helps to come to terms with the reality that you’ve been “hit” and you’re down for the count, but staying down, isn’t going to improve that reality. Each of us needs our time to realize this, but it’s also important to realize when time is passing you buy and you’ve overstayed your welcome.

It’s cliché but life is short. I had someone give me some really wise advice today and tell me to stop thinking about what I don’t have and start thinking about what I do have. The list of don’t haves is almost infinite for each of us because there will always be more things out there that innovate this world. The list of “Do haves” isn’t finite as we can continue to learn and acquire skills but the truth is, until we realize what we have and capitalize on that, we won’t be the best we can be and we won’t be giving all we’ve got. And if we give it all we’ve got and we still get knocked down, then it’s time to absorb the hit and then get back up.

Happy writing this week!


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