Author S.C. Mitchell – A Man Who Writes Romance by Stacy Hoff

Why is there is stereotype that only woman write romance novels? That notion is simply untrue. Thankfully, author S.C. Mitchell is here to prove that a man can write romance just as well as a woman!

What is a guy doing writing romance?

Yes, I am a guy. A guy who reads, writes, and loves romance. We’re few, but we’re here. I love writing romantic tales set in fantastic worlds, and I’ve created a few of them.

I started out writing science fiction and fantasy, and I am still pursuing projects in those genres, but I found when I mixed in a romantic element, the story always got stronger and more satisfying.

I was an avid comic book collector as a kid, right up into my 20’s. From comics I discovered Robert E. Howard’s Conan series of books. It was only a short jump from there to Tolkien and other fantasy and science fiction authors. My all time favorite is Anne McCaffrey. I’ve spent many wonder filled days on Pern and her other fantastic worlds. It was my wife that introduced me to the romance genre with Nora Roberts book Enchanted. (You never forget your first romance.)

I never looked back, and now read more romance than any other genre, and that prompted me to try writing romance as well.

My first published work, Swiftly Beats the heart, is a romance novella about two superheroes, a direct tribute to my misspent youth neglecting my homework, lost in a comic book. There are a lot of fantasy and science fiction elements (magic, fantastic creatures, dimensional rifts) in my Demons Rising trilogy. And in my Heavenly Wars series I’m able to blend in my love of Norse mythology as well.

In my latest series, I’ve given myself the whole galaxy to play in. Inspired by Star Wars/Star Trek/Guardians of the Galaxy, Hearts in Orbit is my interstellar playground for adventure and romance.

My latest release, Between Venus and Mars, has a unique distinction of being part of two different romance series. This third book in the Soul Mate Tree Saga, makes it part of a multi-author series of books featuring the Soul Mate Tree, a magical tree that brings destined lovers together. The Soul Mate Tree authors were allowed to write in any genre, and the series features historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction stories. I set my story in my Hearts in Orbit universe and consider it also to be Hearts in Orbit 2.5. It’s a completely stand alone story, but chronologically it fits between Hearts in Orbit 2: Pirates of the Dark Nebula and my upcoming release, Hearts in Orbit 3: Captives of the Kratzen.

Despite all the fantastic elements, the heart of my story is always the romance. Two people finding each other and falling in love. The prize/triumph/payoff isn’t defeating the nasty villain. It’s the love the two discover along the journey and the happy ever after ending.

So, can a guy write romance? Judge for yourself. Check out Between Venus and Mars at:

Author Bio:

S.C.Mitchell grew up an avid reader of comic books, science fiction and fantasy literature. He credits his wife with introducing him to the paranormal romance genre. He’s been writing stories for over thirty years. In 2010 he left his job as a computer desktop support specialist to pursue his passion for writing. He is a member of the Romance Writers of America as well as the Wisconsin chapter.

When he’s not writing, Steve enjoys reading, music and computer gaming.


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5 Responses to Author S.C. Mitchell – A Man Who Writes Romance by Stacy Hoff

  1. scmitchell says:

    Thanks for having me Stacy.

  2. gailingis says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing SC Mitchell, read comic books too, then threw them away, imagine? Guess they were an influence, I never gave it a thought. Dick Tracey, Wonder Woman, Blondie, even Superman and then some. Fun . . .

  3. C.D. Hersh says:

    Steve – we are the few but love stories are the best. Keep the words flowing. Donald

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