Got Some Magnets! And A New Release!

So I threw down the design I got from my cover artist for those business cards and put the design on some magnets, and I love them 😀 I’m going to hand them out at RT and stick them into some goodie bags when it comes time for Romancing the Capitol.


Though I have to pace myself, because I still have to buy the waterbottles for the event. I’m a little late to do that @_@


Anyway, aside from printing some stuff out for the boring, businessy side of writing, getting the car checked out, taking the dog to the vet, and kissing goodbye a good chunk of my savings for the day, I’ve finished pretty much all of the adulting that needs to be done for the day.


Pretty sad that a 30+ year old woman is still using that word, but there you have it.


Now for tomorrow it’s time to get started on the final Siren book for the month, and I’m fairly happy with how the series is progressing so far so I’m not sure which characters I’ll put the focus on 😀


Also! A couple of days ago, the 2nd volume for The Wild Wolf’s Wife was released early to my patrons on Patreon. It, along with all 3 novellas in my Bad Boy Bear Series are available for anyone in the $3 and above pledges, and new stories are being posted every month 😉


Next month wraps up Wild Wolf’s Wife with Volume 3, and I can get started on the print version, which will be all kinds of awesome 😀


You can learn more here:






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