S-Town, the Art in a Podcast

Before I realized I had a passion for writing, I had a passion for reading. I loved books then and I still do today. There is something so incredible about being wrapped up in a story, tied to the characters and inexplicably bound to determine what happens. You become completely invested in the outcome of the story itself.

Most recently, I’ve found this same sort of novelistic enjoyment in podcasts. Not all of them of course, but a couple that really pulled me in. It’s interesting in that it is a entirely different medium and yet like reading, listening to the podcast stimulates my imagination’s ability to paint a visual scene by scene of what actually occurs. It is like a mini motion picture in my head.

My most recent podcast of choice is called S-Town, which I highly recommend. It is real life, but producer, Brian Reed tells the story in such a way that it feels like you are pulled into the the small town of Woodstock, Alabama. Brian originally goes to this town to investigate murder and corruption per one man’s request. What he finds instead is insight into many of the issues we face as a society.

As I listened to this podcast, I couldn’t help but marvel at the art of it all. Reed encounters so much good and so much darkness within the lives of folks in this small town and somehow he strikes a balance. There is a lot that isn’t pretty to listen to but that is the truth of life. And in my opinion, if an artist isn’t making me feel (good or bad), then they aren’t doing what they set out to do.

Happy writing this week!

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