Words Per Day by Mandy Rosko

Greetings! Dropping in on the last ten days I have to get the sticker for my license plate updated to bring you some, hopefully helpful, tidbits of advice on writing.


A lot of us struggling with writing every day, even authors who write for their living full time. I’m known to take a few days off from time to time, and when I get my butt back to work, I find it harder than ever to get back into the groove.


And despite this, I still take days off, a never ending cycle of never learning my lesson T~T


But! And this was a small piece of advice that I sent out to a writer friend who is also one of my Patrons, I sent her a postcard with my simpleton math on it, because as much as I suck at math, and hate it, when it comes to writing, this is where math is my friend, and I noticed something and wanted to point it out to her to help her along on her writing adventures.


500 words per day. Most of us can do that, even with full time jobs and kids. We can do that on our lunch breaks. Some of us can crank that out in 10-20 minutes. or sooner @_@


The beautiful thing is that 500 words per day is just over 180K words per year, or 3 60K word novels. Full novels. Brilliant, right?




So if you’re struggling to get your words out every day, just remember what 500 words per day will do for you. This is a great step for any author who wants to make a side income, or make the leap to full time living, on their writing. Putting out 3 novels per year will definitely help you along the way 😀 So simple and brilliant that I’m ending this blog post here.


Good luck!


Mandy Rosko


For a brand new novella every month, along with a slew of other great rewards, join the Mandy Rosko Alpha Group on Patreon for $1 per month. You know you want to 😉



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