Is There Life on Mars? Interview with Lyn Forester. By Ripley Proserpina

Reverse Harem author in the house! Lyn Forester is an author-of-all-genres. I found her first book, Under a Holo Sky, when I was on a mystery kick. Her book, a sci-fi mystery, was a mix of Stephanie Plum and the Hunger Games, and I was immediately hooked on her writing. This week, I’m posting an interview with her. Enjoy! ~ Ripley

Caitlyn, your main character in your new book, House of Glass, is quite unique. Tell us about her and the world where she lives. 
Caitlyn lives on a poisonous planet where the cities are stacked on top of each other in order to make room for the growing population. The higher up the level, the higher class citizen you are and Caitlyn’s family lives at the top. Caitlyn is the only daughter of High Councilor Lonette, and set to take her father’s place on the council of Leton when her father steps down. She has been groomed since birth to accept her pre-decided path, but she’s determined to follow her own dreams.
Your book is a reverse harem romance. Tell us about Caitlyn’s guys and how they meet. 
Caitlyn’s guys meet while they’re in boarding school together and become fast friends. Caitlyn, who has home tutors, doesn’t meet them until later, when’s sent to finishing school and discovers that her old racing competitors are also son’s of the High Council.
What are your plans for Caitlyn in the future, and the world she inhabits? 
Caitlyn’s world is in constant threat, both from the poisonous planet she inhabits, as well as the shift in political powers that run the stacked cities. They currently live in balance with another race called the halions, who crash landed on the planet at the same time. But as the halion race continues to decline and the humans keep breeding, this balance is shifting. Poisoned Houses sister series, Poison World, takes place four years in the future, right when this balance is at its most precarious.

Lyn Forester graduated with a Bachelor in English and an Associates in Graphic Design. She worked in the graphic design industry for ten years before deciding to pursue her other life long dream of becoming a writer. She grew up reading mostly fantasy books, though later in life found a love of urban fantasy and science fiction. She currently works from her home in Washington State where she squeezes in writing time around a busy schedule. When not working, she can be found experimenting with new recipes, reading, or playing video games and the occasional board game.
“Yeah, this year will be great!” a male voice shouts from behind me.
Startled, I twist around and slip. My heart thunders in my chest as my feet leave the ground. Free falling, I fling my arms out, desperate for something to anchor me.
“Whoa, there.” A warm arm encircles my waist, catches me against a warm chest. “Be careful. Those heels are dangerous.”
I glance up into golden-brown eyes, surrounded by a thick fringe of lashes. Heavy, dark brown eyebrows slant upward as his mouth curves into a grin. My pulse pounds harder, now that I’m safe.
“Thank you.” A blush stains my cheeks, and I curse the translucent skin that came with my red hair.
“That’s some heartbeat you have there.” He sets me on my feet but keeps a hand on my back as if worried I’ll fall again. The heat of his palm sinks through my light sweater, burning its way into my flesh.
“Thank you.” I shake myself and stammer, “For catching me. Falling hurts.”
“Yeah, I know the feeling.” His gravely voice rumbles inside his chest.
I frown, the sound pinging in my memory.
“Nice catch, dude,” the same guy from earlier calls. A shaggy, black haired head pops over my rescuer’s shoulder. Grass-green eyes rake over me, a smirk twisting the corner of his mouth. “Seriously, nice catch.”
“Stop it, you’ll creep her out.” Another guy appears, black hair combed away from his face. Through a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, his serious green eyes glance over me. Tall and slender, the white button down school shirt hugs his body to accentuate the narrowness of his hips. “Forgive my brother, he has no manners.”
As my eyes shift between the two brothers, the first one stands straighter, moving away from his brown-haired friend. He pushes the black hair back from his face and turns to him. “Trust me, she’s not creeped out, bro.”
“More like creeped *on*.” His brother glances at him, and they have the same straight-nosed profile, the same jawline.
“Twins.” I look back at my rescuer.
His smile broadens, hand tightening on my waist. “Nice to finally see your face, Sparks.”    
Beneath a Holo-Sky:
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